Binance Is Supporting New 15 National Ruling Currencies Now

If you are largely inclined to the cryptocurrency realm, you must have heard about Binance. It is a cryptocurrency exchange availing a prominent spot for dealing with several cryptocurrencies.

In 2018, Binance got the recognition for being the most worldwide triumphant cryptocurrency exchange in terms of trading volume. This malta-based cryptocurrency exchange started to reinforce 15 very recent governmental fiat currencies at present. Let’s go through some more details regarding this.

The Update

Recently, Binance has made a confirmation through reports. The reports say that it has adhered to the support of the fresh currencies by way of a coalition with crypto assets plus fiat money conventional warden Etana-Custody. It has added 15 currency units to its platform in order to spread it into various new territories.

15 New Currencies Binance Supports

An announcement was made which stated that new fiat currencies, Binance has added with itself. The 15 currencies are listed below.

  • Franc of Switzerland
  • Czech currency Koruna
  • Euro
  • Dirham of UAE
  • Euro
  • Australian dollar
  • Krone of Norway
  • New Zealand dollar
  • Polish złoty
  • Canada Dollar
  • Swedish Krona
  • Forint of Hungary
  • Dollar of Hong Kong
  • Danish krone
  • Peso of Mexico
  • Pound of Great Britain

Binance has added these currencies with the being partnered with Etana-Custody. According to the words of the CFO of Binance, Wei Zhou, each and every user will be capable of transferring their fundings with the use of a wire transfer through SWIFT.

He also said in the report that after building up a link of the Binance accounts with the accounts in Etana, the users of Binance would be able to wire funds straight to Etana from their bank accounts. Then, they can have their fiat balance in Etana accredited to the correlated Binance accounts at once and without any charge by instigating a request for a fiat deposit on Binance.

It is a More Approachable Platform Now

The onboarding process of Etana represents Anti-Money Laundering and Know Your Customer checks. They are accommodating with the act of Bank Secrecy.

The co-founder cum the CEO of Binance, Changpeng Zhao, stated that he is sure about the fact that being partnered will turn this cryptocurrency to be more approachable than before. On its segment, Etana renounced protection and security payments for amounts that are more than 1000 USD until the 5th of August. Nonetheless, a wire transfer in a bank worth 35 USD payment is still applicable.

The highest amount of patent and debit limit is subjected to the associated Binance account’s level. The least amount you can credit or debit is 150 USD.


This was all about the recent act of Binance in order to make cryptocurrency more accessible than before. Zhao confirmed and clarified about the plans at the beginning of June this year.

According to him, crypto trading needs to get habituated with a worldwide psyche which makes sense. Binance will definitely evolve to be one of the ruling crypto trading brands and service providers in many new international markets in case this expansion is victorious enough.