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Crypto Prediction Markets Face Competition From Facebook ‘Forecasts’

Crypto-enabled prediction platform Augur is all set to launch its second version. But Facebook, being the ever-evolving company has launched its prediction platform dubbed as “Forecasts”. It is a prediction market and currently competes a crypto platform Augur. The social media giant is stepping up into the crypto market and it seems similar to that […]

Binance Is Supporting New 15 National Ruling Currencies Now

If you are largely inclined to the cryptocurrency realm, you must have heard about Binance. It is a cryptocurrency exchange availing a prominent spot for dealing with several cryptocurrencies. In 2018, Binance got the recognition for being the most worldwide triumphant cryptocurrency exchange in terms of trading volume. This malta-based cryptocurrency exchange started to reinforce […]

Is It Possible To Earn Profit From Crypto Trading Without Considering Tax Implications?

A broker or a merchant buys the dip and sells it at the peak. It is the only hypothesis for earning an enormous profit. But, the investors do not have to apply this principle each and every time. Because of the tax rated purposes, various horizons and predictions influence dissimilar optimum investment strategies. If you […]