Ethereum wallet will let you easily host your decentralized website

The development of technology leads human lives in this era. There are ample avenues where one can find the supremacy of technology, and people, as a common user, loves to use provided options. For the business community, the technology focuses on some platforms with the help of which it becomes easy to deal with different currencies via blockchain and digital wallets. If you are planning to launch your website on a decentralized platform, you can now choose MyEtherWallet to allow integration with IPFS. In this way, users can upload their website to the Interplanetary file system and keep it away from censorship. The websites will get a blockchain domain like “.eth” or “.crypto” which will be very attractive for many websites. This is the easiest way to host your website on a decentralized platform.

Peer to peer computer network

The most lucrative feature of this network is it connects people on an equal level. Hence one feels it easy to use and communicate. One can easily pass on any content in a few seconds. The decentralized network consists of peer to peer computer networks, which makes it easy for users to host any sort of content without restrictions. In this way, free speech gets a new dimension on the web as this usually gets blocked on the traditional web platform. If you are also looking forward to hosting such sites, you can consider this platform as it is easy to upload the website in a static form.

Upload website to an interplanetary file system

The MyEtherWallet integration makes it easy for you to use the app to upload the website to IPFS. All you need to do is to use the .zip file, which has the files regarding your website. The dedicated app will handle the rest of the process and make it easy for you to upload the website to IPFS. It will be associated with a blockchain domain that you get in the market.

Get a blockchain domain

The blockchain domains now become functional for many users with this option. Earlier, it was difficult to host blockchain domains as many platforms restricted their usage and put a lot of restrictions. The ethereum based domain name services are tied to IPFS based websites in this manner through the app. Users can easily choose to host their websites without many technical hassles.

Only static pages allowed

The technology is still in its early stages as only static pages are allowed at the moment. If you are planning to host a WordPress site, you can convert it to static pages and then upload the website on this platform. It is interesting to note that using regular wordpress features will require a backend server that is not possible to get on this platform. In this way, you cannot run a full-fledged WordPress site on this platform but use the alternative option to host your sites. It is very easy to use third-party plugins to upload WordPress sites to IPFS.

Does it work on all browsers

This is the most important question asked by many users who would like to use such services. The clear answer is NO. It does not work on most popular browsers, and only opera supports few blockchain domains. This is the current situation, and it may change in the future when restrictions with regards to blockchain domains are eased by market players. However, all the blockchain domains are accessible when you use proxies along with the “.link” domain, even in the normal web environment. Using this hack, you can easily use the websites even in normal browsers, which regularly restrict blockchain domains.