Note On Meme Pioneer Launching Nft Lolcats On Opensea

Meme pioneer is famous worldwide for its humorous website popularly known as ICHC. It has taken a step forward to publish a series of NFT centred on his globally popular caption ‘Lolcat’ snaps. Everyone is aware of Meme master cheeseburger. Yes, the cheeseburger is a juicy tasty treat you often love to enjoy! ICHC is the short form of ‘I Can Has Cheeseburger?’ It is a well-acclaimed website full of small clippings of animals and their videos especially cats of all kinds. It also has image macros contributing to the rising popularity of the website.

Now the first NFT will be based upon the initial caption unique in its own style, the ‘I Could Take Cheeseburger?’ The other profitable development is the selling of ‘Happy Cat’ known to be the most popular crown jewel of the Nakagawa’s NFT series to NFT marketplace OpenSea. The bidding was stated to be approximately 0.2ETH.

Now more about the NFT Lolcats series:

It is ten pieces of Lolcats collections having vintage lolcat memes and arts inspired by memes. The series is titled, ‘No Fries Today’. It is sure to be a success like another humorous website of theirs. Some part of the profit is to be shared with charitable organizations like the American Society that works to avoid cruelty to animals. The other charity funds will be donated to the Internet Archive and World Wildlife Foundation. Nakagawa, the man behind all these meme series started the most famous picture sharing website, in the year 2007. Since then there was no turn back as he started many projects that scored him millions and paved the way to donate money to many charity foundations.

NFT isn’t just snapshots of memes as the proposed plan is to clip a story to describe the images of a meme. The small video shots will show the origination of each meme.  A further plan is to release more of such meme collection like ‘The Happy Cat’ series. Gradually in accordance with the popularity of the series, other collections of the meme will be released later. Since the year 2020, NFT has been crossing $60 million in sales each day. The increase in popularity happened because of distinctly portraying each meme tagged with funny captions.  To top it NFT sold the meme series showing the flying toaster shaped feline, ’ the Nyan Cat’  for $580,000 on the Foundation Market app.

Its creator Eric Nakagawa, is now planning to enter wholly in the cryptocurrency spectrum. He is now the founder of Open Source in the Blockchain sector of Novi financial, the Facebook subsidiary that is involved in many transactions projects like the Diem. His future plans are quite rewarding as crypto is the trending digital currency sure to bring in ample monetary gains.  His other rewarding ventures like involving with Ripple Labs as Director of Growing in 2013. He even took the prestigious position of Startup Outreach at the Dogecoin Foundation. Yes, he was the coordinator behind the famous series ‘ doge4water’. It was a fundraised that brought in forty million doges for a Kenya based charity foundation.